Funding for 3-4 year olds
We offer the universal funding of 15 to all children aged 3.
30 Hour Funding
We also accept 30 funding with no addition costs. If you have any questions with regards to funding, please fill out the enquiry as seen on the home page.  

Pre-School Hours
We offer 'flexible childcare', depending on availability you will be given the option of sessions that you would like your children to attend. There is also the option of you child attending a full day.

1. Full day – 9am-3pm
2. Mornings – 9am-12pm
3. Afternoons – 12pm-3pm

Children that attend all day will be asked to bring a healthy packed lunch as we do not provide hot meals.
We ask for a small fee of £20 to register your child, this will include an 'Ice pack' for your child's lunch box and a 'Book bag' which your child will use on a daily basis. Uniform is also available for sale at the setting.

Registration Form

To download the registration form please click here.

This form must be filled out and handed into the setting in order to successfully apply for your child to enrol in our pre-school. You can also forward the form via email to Proof of address and your child's birth certificate/passport will also need to be provided.
Vouchers for Childcare
Childcare vouchers are eligible for use as payment of Pre-School fees.

Funding for 2-3 Year-olds
We accept funding for children between the age of 2 and 3, if you have been issued a purple ticket through the post from Harrow Council this will automatically give you the entitlement. If you do not have the purple letter and on a low income please contact us an we will advise you of the steps to take. 
Two year old funding will entitle your child to attend our setting for up to 15 hours free childcare per week. If you have any questions with regards to 2 year-old funding, please fill out the enquiry as seen on the home page. Ofsted has indicated that only pre-schools/nurseries considered to be delivering good or outstanding childcare are to be in receipt of this funding.  


Registration Enquries